Skin Fairy Masterclasses are intimate workshop sessions designed to educate, connect and empower members of the beauty industry, business owners and those with a real passion for skin.

One of the most fulfilling ways to refine your skills and reach your business goals is to seek guidance from a mentor who can guide and support, systemise your business, put protocols in place, and help set your plans in motion. Most importantly, a mentor can remain objective and rationally look at your overall business to see its strengths and weaknesses.

With over 16 years in the beauty industry, Carmen McNamara has grown Skin Fairy to become one of Australia’s top clinics. She believes mentoring is essential for both professional and business growth.

“It’s an invaluable way to learn, become a better leader and grow a business,” she says. “I can attribute much of my success to conferring with mentors throughout my career. It’s game changing.”

Because everyone’s situation is unique, Carmen offers two levels of mentoring designed to assist and nurture professionals and business owners in the beauty field and related industries including eyebrow, hair, and fitness

Skin Fairy Masterclasses

Designed to educate, connect, and empower business owners. Be a part of our shadowing program and spend a day in the clinic with Carmen or zoom in monthly, as her clients based interstate, Europe and the US do.

Learn all you need to know about operating a small business, running a team, and customer relations. Discover what protocols work and which ones don’t, and receive one-on-one guidance, training, and support specifically where you require it.

Zoom Coffees With Carmen

Designed especially for students, graduates, and emerging beauty professionals. Easy and affordable, chatting with Carmen is a great way to access invaluable advice, be it for inspiration, motivation, or on-the-spot assistance.

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We are currently taking bookings for our 2022 in-clinic shadowing program.
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  • 16th August 2022

Each masterclass allows a maximum of three guests to ensure a personal and immersive experience for the best educational experience possible.

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Carmen McNamara — Skin Fairy Founder

I believe the key to success is through collaboration. Because so many therapists and business owners reach out to me, I developed a masterclass program that allows me to open up my clinic and share my team, passion and knowledge. Whether you are new to the industry, seeking inspiration, passionate about beauty, or simply after the very latest tips and tricks, come and join us. It is our way of giving back to you.