Expecting a baby or taking care of a newborn?

Along with the joy of that pregnancy glow, you may notice other changes in your skin with hormone fluctuations manifesting as breakouts, dryness, and pigmentation.

Navigating safe effective treatments and products can be a minefield. Skin Fairy offers a range of mother’s little helpers – products and treatments with efficacy that nourish skin and elevate your glow. Most importantly, they are safe for you and your baby.

If you are planning to fall pregnant, expecting, or breastfeeding, avoid Retinols or products containing vitamin A, Omnilux, Cosmelan, IPL hair reduction and Photorejuventation treatments, and deep chemical peels. Always let your Skin Fairy therapist know prior to your treatment so we can ensure you, your baby, and your skin are beautifully taken care of.

Pregnancy Safe Treatments

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DMK Enzyme

Known by DMK devotees as the ‘Game of Thrones’ facial, this treatment oxygenates, detoxifies and revises the skin to function as a young, healthy skin does. Utilising the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes, it encourages blood circulation, oxygenation and the lymphatic drainage system while simultaneously, through reverse osmosis, helping flush away any toxins and free radicals whilst stimulating collagen production. Formulated to be the basis of all DMK Skin Revision treatments to enhance optimal skin function, Enzyme Therapy works to create long-lasting results.

DMK Enzyme #2 and #3

Works towards contracting muscles, tightening skin and strengthening tissue, while Enzyme Masque #3 acts as an intensifier. Enzyme Masque #2 and #3 should always be used together as this combination helps product stronger, firmer and tighter-looking skin.

Note: This treatment is not advised in your third trimester of pregnancy.

DMK Alkaline

The ideal alternative to laser treatments, DMK’s unique pain-free hair removal system targets fine hairs that laser struggles to remove. It gently dissolves the hair whilst also working to reduce hair re-growth with continues use, anywhere on the face or body. Your skin will be hair free and velvety smooth. This treatments can also improve conditions like ingrown hairs, folliculitis and acne affected skin through its hair removing capabilities and bacteria killing properties.

DMK MediPedi

MediPedi is a DMK Professional Skin Revision Treatment that addresses callouses on the feet and is unique to DMK. Without unnecessary blading or rasping, MediPedi uses a non-invasive approach by using DMK Alkaline wash to soften, swell and dissolve thickened callouses.

DMK Peels

We have a variety of different DMK Peels that are pregnancy safe, including Quick Peel, Prozyme, Pro Alpha 1 and Desquamate. DMK Peels gently exfoliate the skin, leaving the skin feeling hydrated, whilst brightening and rejuvenating.

Note: Please notify your skin therapist if you are in your third trimester of pregnancy to have the appropriate peel advised.

Micro Needling

The very latest technology in medical grade Micro Needling, this device gently glides over the skin using oscillating micro-needles to create micro-injuries that encourage the body’s ability to repair itself. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which helps to plump, smooth and tighten skin. Particularly effective for uneven tone, visible signs of ageing, scarring, open pores and loose skin on the neck and jawline.


This infusion technology increases product penetration, the absorption rate of ingredients, whilst maximising their efficacies. NanoFusion temporarily opens nanoscale channels into the epidermis, allowing for optimal delivery of nutrients which assists in achieving remarkable results in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing the skin’s texture, decreasing pigmentation and sunspots, diminishing acne and providing luminosity to the skin.

Lira Peel Vita Brite Refresher

This exclusive Lira Clinical treatment tightens, firms, brightens and hydrates to refresh all skin types. Improves skin overall health, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and calms rosacea symptoms.

Snail Essence & Collagen Mask

Infused with Snail Mucin Extract, our Snail Essence & Collagen Mask rejuvenates skin, boosts collagen synthesis, provides intense hydration, helps repair scars, minimise pores, smooth uneven complexions, and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Pregnancy Safe Products


Our #1 product. Beta gel is an immune boosting serum designed to address acne, burns, reactive or inflamed skin and premature ageing. This serum will support and strengthen your skin.


Hydroloc Is a barrier defence crème designed to hydrate and lock moisture within the skin. Can also be applied to areas of concern to help minimise the occurrence of stretch marks.

Herb & Mineral Mist

Herb & Mineral Mist is a unique vitamin and mineral spritz designed to trans dermally deliver DMK oils and cremes. This mist assists in tissue hydration for a fresh glow and firmness.

Hydrating Masque

Hydrating Masque is a water-based masque and aims to hydrate, cool, calm and moisturise the skin.

Super Bright

Super Bright is a beautiful night time crème, inhibiting a blend of botanical ingredients to brighten and revise pigmentation and uneven skin tone.


Seba-E is a hydrating oil with a fine blend of skin identical lips. This oil is designed to imitate the skins natural oils, increase hydration, nourish, and plump the skin.

Herbal Pigment

Herbal Pigment Oil is a nourishing skin brightening oil. Recommended for pigmentation on the face or body, scars, or dark circles around the eyes. This oil is perfect for dry lips, cuticles, knees, and elbows!

Maximum Moisture

Maximum Moisture is a body moisturiser that contains natural extracts, oils, and vitamins to tone, tighten and firm the skin.

Micro Peel

MicroPeel is an at-home mask that is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells material. This gel mask is very time efficient and gentle, great to do between in-clinic treatments!

Bio Retinol

Bio Retinol is a pregnancy and breastfeeding safe alternative to retinol. This product imitates retinol-like behaviours and improves skin rejuvenation, cell renewal, balancing skin tone and brightens.

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Calerase is designed to soften dry, hard callouses on the feet, hands and cuticles. This product leaves the skin feeling supple and silky smooth.

Deep Pore Ultra Cleanser

Deep Pore Ultra is a botanical pH adjusted cleanser designed to flush embedded impurities from the skin and pores.Removes dirt and debris from the skin and brightens complexion.

Milk Cleanse Ultra Cleanser

Milk Cleanse Ultra is formulated with botanical cleansing herbs and calming nutrients to nourish dry, delicate and reactive skin.


Betagen is DMK’s “emergency crème”. A synergistic group of ingredients designed to deeply nourish and trigger the revision of damaged cells and fight free radicals.

Nite Firming

NiteFirming is DMK’s sophisticated approach to assist in revising the signs of biological ageing. The skin may feel progressively firmer after each application.

Makeup Removing Smoothie

Makeup Removing Smoothie is a soothing, mild cleansing oil designed to gently but effectively remove makeup. It is formulated with nutrient dense plant oils to cleanse and nurture at the same time and is suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

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Moisture Infusion Night

Moisture Infusion Night gives your skin a rich moisture boost, improves skin barrier function and skin integrity, protects skin and DNA, balances skin microbiome, leaving your skin feeling deeply hydrated, nourished, and rejuvenated.

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Mother SPF

Mother SPF is a hydrating everyday face and body, all-natural sunscreen with SPF 30 for hard-hitting sun protection against the hard-hitting nasties.

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Mineral Pro SPF

Mineral Pro SPF is a lightweight SPF that provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. It's fast absorbing formula is suitable for all skin types and skin conditions.