Expecting a baby or taking care of a newborn? Along with the joy of that pregnancy glow, you may notice other changes in your skin with hormone fluctuations manifesting as breakouts, dryness, and pigmentation.

Navigating safe effective treatments and products can be a minefield. Skin Fairy offers a range of mother’s little helpers – products and treatments with efficacy that nourish skin and elevate your glow. Most importantly, they are safe for you and your baby -

  • DMK enzyme therapy - oxygenates, detoxifies, and boosts blood circulation
  • Nanofusion – allows optimal infusion of nutrients and imparts instant luminosity
  • Micro Needling – encourages collagen production, and plumps, smooths, and tightens skin

If you are planning to fall pregnant, expecting, or breastfeeding, avoid Retinols or products containing vitamin A, Omnilux, Cosmelan, IPL hair reduction and Photorejuventation treatments, and deep chemical peels. Always let your Skin Fairy therapist know prior to your treatment so we can ensure you, baby, and your skin are beautifully taken care of.

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